What is IndigenousXca?

IndigenousXca is a twitter account that features a new Indigenous host from Canada each week. IndigenousXca launched on October 23, 2014, and is linked to the IndigenousX account begun in Australia by Luke Pearson.

IndigenousXca is about providing the opportunity for a diverse range of Indigenous people to connect with a wider audience. Not as spokespeople for all Indigenous peoples living in what is today known as Canada, but as individuals with their own experiences, beliefs and opinions, and their own stories to tell.

IndigenousXca is more than just a Twitter account. It is a philosophy, it is a community, and it is an exciting opportunity for hosts and followers alike.

Engaging, awareness raising, sharing, teaching, learning, advocating, promoting, challenging, redefining, motivating, inspiring… IndigenousXca offers opportunities to do all of these things and much more!

Is IndigenousXca limited to Indigenous hosts living in Canada?

Where colonial borders run roughshod over Nations, there is always room to include the voices of people living on both sides of the Medicine Line. However, due to the particular colonial history and legislative/political conditions in Canada, and the incredible diversity of Indigenous experiences in these lands, IndigenousXca feels that limiting the account to the “Canadian” experience makes the most sense.

There is hope that the IndigenousX family will expand to include Indigenous voices on a global scale, and where there are sufficient numbers to sustain it, even an IndigenousX account representing a single Nation!

Who will host IndigenousXca?

IndigenousXca is not interested in choosing the ‘right kinds of opinions’. Diversity of Indigenous opinion and experience is key. We will try our best to have hosts who are First Nations, Métis and Inuit, from rural and urban areas, Treaty and non-treaty areas. Hosts will need to have some familiarity with social media and Twitter specifically. Each week, we will publish a profile on our guest host.

The tweets and opinions expressed by hosts are their own, and are not necessarily endorsed by IndigenousXca.

One host has even written an academic piece about his experience hosting the account, which you can read here!

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