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   East of the ancient continent constant, endless sea, where the storm did not stop all year round, and each time with a violent storm tide is coming, people living on the island, an island to the edge of each, are put up high moisture dam, looking down from the sky, these dams, it is absolutely very spectacular, some as high as several feet, these are all being built by bluestone, very sturdy, this makes the people on the island have not been tide swallowed.


  This is an endless ocean is known as the "Sea of ​​Silence," on the whole constant ancient continent, no one is willing to come here, do not say the environment here, with regard to the essence of this world is concerned, it is impossible to have Too many people live.


  Here with the original inhabitants, their perennial down to fishing, but also occasionally during practice flesh. In the constant ancient continent, no one does not practice the flesh. If there is no great strength, they will not survive. Take the people on the island, although they are mainly based on fishing, but this is not the whole sea area they call the shots. There are fish in the depths of the human family exist, if not powerful, they will be killed fish. If there is no strength can survive in such environment Every year people die in the fish family in the hands of people with less than tens of thousands of people, these people are not the strength of ordinary people, and like those who have the strength of a strong man, a family of fish but it is not chaos.


  Harbour Island is a large island, where the essence of heaven and earth is not stronger on many other islands. Degree of prosperity is the other islands several times, here are all the islands called the Heart of Ocean, near the island every year going to the sea, a tribute to the island, so the nearby islands to be protected sea island.


  The sea, the island has a number of strong patterns in. It is because of these few lines, so there was no abuse has been invaded by a mermaid. In the past, fish were often in the vicinity of killing a family of residents on the island, the sea, the island's strong after that, and the fish were a family to carry out a war, and that the First World War, the mermaid family casualties, returned to them in the deep sea did not come out too, but sometimes still have so few people or groups of fish, hunt island residents. Later, after the rules of the sea, the island, as long as a tribute to the island, then you can get the protection of the sea, the island, the fish were being invaded without being ill, so in the next year, have a large number of island residents came to the island in the sea to pay tribute, but also makes the sea to the island compared to the general prosperity of the island.


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  Sea island, is a small island within the scope of protection of the sea, islands, sea island is very small, only a small island, hundreds of people throughout the residence. Sea island only a dozen years, but precisely because of this, the whole sea island drama names are united, better than many other islands. Like the sea, islands, has a large number of a thousand miles, which was the sea of ​​the island a few times. But above has large and small family infighting powerful, the site for a little slap in the bitter end. By comparison, sea island, but it is paradise, no fighting, we are all peaceful coexistence.


  Sea island on the central square, where an area of ​​only a hundred meters, now is the morning period, is a good time to practice constant ancient continent, and now the entire continent is under constant ancient practice among the sea islands but it is not practice today.

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