Indigenization in the Time of Pipelines

Working full time, doing my MA full time, and being massively, unreasonably pregnant, doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to do my regular blogging. However, I recently gave a talk at the University of Winnipeg as part of their Wewewi Indigenous Scholars Speaker Series and I thought I’d share that with you! Behold me in all my awkward glory, as I wildly gesticulate and think through some thoughts I have on the concept of “Indigenization”.

Also, if you like this video format, here are some other Weweni talks you might enjoy (these are among my favourites in their series)!

Dr. Lorna Williams: How Universities Can Support Indigenous Language Revitalization

Dr. Alex Wilson: Coming in to Indigenous Sovereignty, Relationality and Resurgence

Dr. Adam Gaudry: Are the Métis Treaty People

Dr. Leroy Little Bear: What I Know About Canada

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Categories: Cultural appropriation, Decolonisation

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