Why so quiet?

The fact is, I haven’t been quiet (when have you ever known me to be?), I’ve just been publishing elsewhere!

So I thought I should maybe start just listing some of the pieces from this year? To at least provide some more recent content! There isn’t a tonne, because I made 2016-2017 my “year to say no” while I was pregnant, working full-time and beginning my MA in Native Studies.

Obviously, the first place I’d like to point you is to my book, Indigenous Writes : A Guide to First Nations, Métis & Inuit in Canada.


Why Indigenous Languages Should Be Taught Alongside French and English.” – Chatelaine


Joking about stealing my baby isn’t funny.“- Today’s Parent


Blanket Statement” – Canadian Art


Indigenous Resistance Has Reached a Tipping Point” – CANADALAND


Indigenous Representation in Star Trek.” – (podcast) Women at Warp, conversation


Indigenization in the Time of Pipelines.” – (video) University of Winnipeg, Weweni Indienous Scholars Speaker Series

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