Building miyo-wîcêhtowin

Tomorrow, September 4th, there will be a press conference at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa for the launch of a group called Canadians For a New Partnership (CFNP). The website will go live at 10 am EST. You will be able to watch the press conference live online at starting at 10:30 am EST. Also keep an eye on the hashtag #CFNP on twitter tomorrow, as there will be tweets throughout the day keeping people updated on events as they unfold.

miyo-wîcêhtowin is Cree for living in harmony together. The launch of CFNP is one more way that we can work together to create stronger relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples living in Canada, and build a miyo-wîcêhtowin that lasts.

waniskâtân wâpahki mîna mâmawohkamâtotân! Let us all wake up tomorrow and work together!

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