Other Indigenous Languages

I love my Cree language intensely, but I also love the other indigenous languages we have the luck to be gifted with.  With that in mind, I want to also share links to other languages.

– this online language platform offers you lessons in 5 Inuit dialects.  I’m still checking it out, but I’m loving the audio files and conversational lessons!

  • Episodes of the Berenstain Bears…in Lakota!

Ever cool!  I have long wished we could have something similar in Cree!

– new as of April 2, 2012!  Beautiful lay-out, very accessible, this is a project years in the making and it’s very exciting to see it up and running!

– this platform is not always completely stable, and right now there are very few Cree entries, but it’s a positive step forward.

-there are stories you can listen to in Anishinaabemowin, as well as short video clips.  Stories about Nanabush are being added to the site incorporating bilingual video and audio content.  Very much a work in progress.

– a great online dictionary which breaks down the words for you and often links to other resources, including audio recordings of the words and some conjugations!

– there are bilingual books to be ordered, even a bilingual kids magazine you can get!  Oh I’d love this in Cree!

– this site offers a Robert Munch book translated into Hul’q’umi’num, a Coast Salish language.  You have to register in able to access the book, but it is a simple process and a wonderful audio/visual resource.

– I taught for three years in Inuvik, and so I have a special place in my heart for the Inuvialuit.  This is a very cool digital journey.

– all the other bibliographies of resources published in aboriginal languages in the NWT can be found here.

Interactive Australian Indigenous Language Map

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  2. beautiful compilation, I hope you never give up on preserving what is a tresure to humanity. Greetings from Colombia (south america). Duni, senyaleek, pai pai … are some words to say thank you in different native languages of this territory. Bless

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