Cree Podcast

Unsettling Your Language: A Cree Language Podcast

In this first episode of Unsettling Your Language, almost no Cree is actually spoken. But fear not! This is just a meta-cast of upcoming casts! Unsettling Your Language is not just a series of language lessons, it’s a whole discussion about Indigenous language learning.

Episode 1: pêyak

In this second episode, we discuss what is unsettling about learning your Indigenous language, as well as our reliance on writing. Finally, we learn some basic requests in Cree that you can start using immediately! Get speaking!

Episode 2: nîso

In this third episode, we discuss what real institutional support for Indigenous languages throughout Canada could look like, using legislation from Nunavut as an example; the sounds of Cree and personal pronouns in Cree.

Episode 3: nisto

In this fourth episode, we cover the problems inherent in translating either Cree to English or English to Cree, we discuss where to put the stress in Cree words, and you get a few important kinship terms you can start using right away!

Episode 4: nêwo

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