Cree Curricular Resources

I figure there are enough out there, that I could use a sub-page.  I will confine these entries to documents that are specifically developed to be approved curricular documents.  For those unfamiliar with such documents, a program of studies is the ‘bare bones’ part of what student outcomes should be met in a program.  The guide to implementation usually also contains lesson plans and sample work sheets which can be very useful for in-home use.  I am providing links to both.  (Keep in mind, the guides to implementation are hundreds of pages long)

After this are classroom assessment materials specific to certain grades.  They are linked to specific curricular objectives in the program of studies, and are much smaller files.  The K-3 implementation guides have these assessment materials as appendices, whereas the grades 4-6 have stand alone assessment files too.

– this is a PDF document which consists of complete lesson plans and assessments for teaching reading and writing in Plains Cree at an elementary level.  So far it is one of the clearest and most helpful educational documents I have found and can be easily modified to be used at home.  Saskatchewan puts out some really quality Cree language resources!

– this is a resource list intended for Alberta teachers, but some of these materials are also available for you to purchase.  In addition, many of these resources are available directly through the organisations that developed them.

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10 Responses to Cree Curricular Resources

  1. Thank you very much by provide this page, I’m trying to learn my grandmother’s native Cree which was I believe with the “d”/”th” dialect. She was from Brochet MB.
    Would you be able to refer me books/cd’s for adult learning? Don’t mind learning the “y” dialect.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Andrea custer says:

    Check out lac la ronge Cree resource’s – they have one for the ‘th’ Cree dialect

  3. Nohtawiy says:

    I am slowly teaching my kids Plains Cree using online resources as we do not have any contact St present with their ancestral reserve.

    Are there any resources available to get connected with someone willing to answer Cree phrase translation? Kinda like a Cree penpal?

  4. nohtawiy says:

    Thank you. That looks very helpful

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  6. Dana says:

    Hi, unfortunately the link for Beginning reading and writing Plains Cree no longer works. As well the assessments and approved Cree resources.

  7. Teena Calf Robe says:

    I would like to know what schools are using this Cree curriculum in Alberta

    • The Cree Language and Culture curriculum is being redone completely in Alberta, and I’m not sure when it will roll out fully. Schools can offer Cree language and culture, but few do unfortunately. If you check the Edmonton Public and Edmonton Catholic webpages, there are a few choices for students who want to learn Cree at the elementary, junior high, and senior high levels. Beyond that I think you’d have to check school board by school board, and the on reserve schools are not bound by this curriculum.

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