All that needs to be said about Joseph Boyden

Future Grand Chief of the Mikinaks? image credit: Lisa Osler

I’ve been pretty vocal on social media about my extreme disappointment with Joseph Boyden and that whole mess, but I certainly haven’t felt like putting together a comprehensive list of how he’s screwed up and what it means. Luckily, someone else was willing to do that work, and I’d like to share that information with you!

With remarkable clarity and humour, Not Your Average Indian has put together the definitive “10 Reasons Why Joseph Boyden is a Problem and Should Go Away“.  Enjoy!

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9 Responses to All that needs to be said about Joseph Boyden

  1. Pierrette Meilleur says:

    Is the man in the picture of the future Grand Chief of the Mikinaks Joseph Boyden?

    • I mean, who’s to say? I heard an oral story about a prophecy possibly cribbed from an autobiography buried under a sidewalk in Willowdale that had this picture as its cover. Is it Boyden, or his spirit gone back in time, owned by no one, accountable to none, answering the call of Riel who said his people would sleep for 100 years until someone adopted the grandson of Injun Joe?

      • Pierrette Meilleur says:

        I was afraid it was a recent picture of Boyden since there is a new so called aboriginal community called Mikinaks in Quebec which was started with the help of the Grand Chief Guillaume Carle of the Confederation of Aboriginals of Canada who supposedly represents all the aboriginal people of Canada (appointed by himself and his followers without the consent of all the aboriginals of Canada – smile). He is creating havock everywhere he goes. I am sure you have heard of him. Boyden and Carle are from the same fiber, shall not be trusted.

      • Gayl says:

        LOLOLOLOL…..ahhhhh..that was good! Have you considered a career in comedy???

  2. pheel09 says:

    It should be shameful to someone who purports to be indigenous that his ignorance and actions make it far easier for Canadians to eliminate from their consciousness the very current reality of First Nations, their cultures and the accompanying social, political and spiritual problems caused by the influx of those who have no connection to Earth and her sacred nature, who only seek the earth for exploitation, as a means of profit and status.

  3. SJackson says:

    I was shocked about the plagiarism, however, have you read Wab Kinew’s article?

    • I have, and just as I said when I first read it, if Wab wants to adopt Boyden then maybe we can finally figure out who to hold accountable for all of Boyden’s misdeeds.

      Boyden has done none of the things Wab suggested could be a path to redemption. Instead he continues to create divisions among Indigenous people by pitting us against one another on his behalf.

  4. Shebel says:

    I hope you Natives are pissed off. There is absolutely no way to excuse this asshole.

    I don’t mind joking—-But–this goes too far.
    He is arrogant and insulting.

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