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The crew of the Métis In Spaceship

2014. It was at the tail end of a lonely summer. My daughters were with their family in Alberta, and I couldn’t afford to fly out and visit my own family there. My husband’s daughters had wrapped up their summer visit and were back in the U.S. It was just the two of us sitting in an empty, quiet, and disconcertingly clean house.

I was supposed to be using this time to write a book for Portage and Main Press…the book I am actually finally working on now, actually! So of course, I was looking for something else to procrastocreate. I called up my friend, Molly, and voilà! Métis In Space was born!


We have tonnes of styles and colours to choose from. Tell the world you love independent, Indigenous podcasting!

We branded ourselves as an Indigenous feminists sci-fi podcast, and it’s been nothing but awesomeness since then! Easily the most enjoyable and energy-boosting project I’ve ever been involved in, Métis In Space is now in its 3rd season!

Basically, it’s two Métis nerds, drinking a bottle of red wine, watching sci-fi television shows or movies that feature portrayals of Indigeneity, breaking down stereotypes and making fun of tropes! Each season is 10 episodes long, and most episodes run just over 1 hour.

You can download or stream us from Indian and Cowboy Media Network, Soundcloud, iTunes, and a few other places I’m not as familiar with. We were featured in THIS magazine, and on Socialist.ca, and of course we’re on Facebook and Twitter too!


For the next generation of baby podcasters, the onesie!

We don’t just rip stereotypes to shreds, we also try to imagine Indigenous futures. When we first started out, I wrote a post encouraging others to “Do The Thing”, the “thing” of course being podcasting. If that’s something you’re interested in, check out that post here. We REALLY REALLY REALLY want more people to do the thing!!!

We’ve launched a teespring campaign just in time for the holidays, and with just seven days left in that campaign, I thought I’d bring it to your attention! We’re offering a wide range of styles and colours and in honour of my daughter sâkowêw, who was born at the end of season 2 (we actually did a short episode while I was in labour) we are also offering baby onesies!

So if you’re a fan of the show, know a fan, or want to become a fan, please consider purchasing one of our shirts! Help us take over the podcasting world! We are an independent podcasting show; the only funds we get are from campaigns like this, so please consider supporting us.

You can visit our teespring store here: Métis In Space THE SHIRT!

If you do end up buying a shirt, please make sure to send us a selfie once you get it!

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