Blog hacked, resolving

Good morning everyone, at 3:35 am EST a mass email went out to all subscribers to this site, full of spam. I will be working today on figuring out how the site became vulnerable, and trying to resolve the issue. My apologies for the junk you have received. This is the only post I will be making today, and thus the only thing you should be receiving in your inbox as a subscriber. Obviously, do not click on anything that was sent earlier, and again, I am sorry for the inconvenience!

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4 Responses to Blog hacked, resolving

  1. In my experience as a web designer and user of this theme, sites are usually hacked through plugins and themes that are not updated every time there is an update. Of course, your own webmaster will be changing your passwords immediately as well.
    p.s. it happens to loads of people, so don’t feel bad!!

  2. Gail Taylor says:

    I was not affected and I have subscribed to your blog for some time. There was nothing in my spam either.

    • I’m glad you did not receive it! I’m uncertain how many people it went out to, but enough got it that I received a number of notifications from subscribers when I woke up, so the issue was resolved quickly!

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